June, 2018


A Word from the Chairman

RHLT has now entered a new era in its development.  The Charity is now a corporate entity registered with the Charity Commission.  The provision of residential accommodation is no longer to the fore and those charged with the running of the entity are now concentrating on the development of operations and activities intended to help people with a learning disability to take a full part in their local community.

The centre of all our operations is now “The People Hive” in Heath Road, Twickenham, which as well as housing the Charity’s administrative office, also provides facilities for meetings and training as well as providing an outlet to the sale of local arts and crafts.  The People Hive was officially opened by Sir Vince Cable, our local Member of Parliament on Saturday, 9th June and has already made a local impact.

Thus, we are engaged upon an ambitious programme of projects, which in themselves present a number of challenges of which two stand out.  They are that:

1.       Whilst we have funding for the Hive for the first two years of its operation, thanks to the contribution of other local charities, most notably from the Hampton Fuel Allotments Charity, a rolling source of finance is imperative to our needs and hence the Charity is committed to spending a significant proportion of human resource in pursuing this requirement.

2.       In terms of staff, the Charity is running with the help of a comparatively small bank of permanent employees.  Because of that, the delivery of our services is vitally dependent upon the contribution of Volunteers.  That requirement is varied and extends across organising and running social events, activities and confidence-building initiatives, running and helping with training sessions with a huge emphasis on encouraging people into and supporting them in employment, running the retail enterprise in The People Hive in conjunction with some of our clients or providing support in relation to the administration of the Charity.  All Volunteers receive training and instruction appropriate to the task.

We will be very pleased to hear from anyone, who feels that they can make a contribution to the Charity.

With my best wishes

Peter Stockdale

Chairman of Trustees

June, 2018