A Message from our CEO

It is my pleasure, as Chief Executive, to welcome you to the RHLT website.

Through our website we are able to share with you the wide range of work that we are doing to support adults who have a learning disability both in their home and in their local community.  

We continue to work in partnership with Richmond Mencap to deliver a Job Club for adults who have a learning disability.  The job club successfully placed 14 people with learning disabilities into volunteer/work experience in the past two years. As part of our integration agenda, we have supported 2 people into volunteering with older people on a shopping bus, which they now do independently.

RHLT worked with the local authority to produce the current learning disability strategy.  People told us that the most important things for them were: having a voice and being listened to, having a choice about where to live, being healthy, having a job, getting support to be more independent, having accessible information, being able to use mainstream services like everyone else, having friends and relationships and being able to travel independently.

RHLT want to support people with learning disabilities to achieve the above and feel that having a one stop shop will provide them with the opportunity to accomplish this and much more in the future.

Our community opportunities initiative has increased enormously over the last two years. We have increased the number of activities provided by over 73% and participants by 51%; between October 2015 and September 2016 we have run 87 activities.

Through our service users surveys we had positive feedback about the activities/projects that we run.  93% said the staff are professional and supportive, and that we offer a good range of activities. Carers have told us that our holiday activity programmes are invaluable as they are good value for money and provide social, educational and fun things for their sons and daughters to take part in and they have seen their family member become more confident and improve their quality of life.  

Through this role and the hub we will see people becoming more skilled through education, more independent and actively integrated into society by being more connected with what’s available to them. Furthermore, our service users and other people in the community will have a place of safety to come to and talk about issues or concerns they have.

Our strapline is to connect adults with learning disabilities with the community. A community hub is key to achieving this and what people with learning disabilities have highlighted as important.

This hub will have access to information for service users, carers, volunteers and other professionals. We will hold talks on services and how to access them and provide talks to educate the community about people with learning disabilities, as to integrate into the community it has to be a two way relationship and people with learning disabilities need to be heard. 

Samantha Fÿn, CEO