The People Hive Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021


The People Hive is a community hub and charity based in Twickenham. From here we provide a range of activities, training and opportunities for adults with a learning disability, to support their recreation, social integration and personal development. The People Hive Gallery also provides an outlet for locally produced arts, crafts and gifts, to provide commission income to support our charity and to develop community engagement.

Strategic Objectives

Our over-arching objective is to focus on our innovative work and develop as a sustainable organisation.

To achieve this, we will focus on three main areas of client-facing work each with its own objectives, plus cross-cutting objectives for our fundraising, marketing and communications.


Social activities and development of Life Skills

  • Deliver a range of activities which our Clients value

  • Expand the ‘reach’ of our range of activities to increase the number of participants

  • Refresh the way we recruit, develop and deploy our pool of volunteers; and increase the use of volunteers in delivering activities

  • Establish links from The People Hive to 16-18 year-olds

Work experience and employment

•    Continue our work to provide training in  workplace skills, increasing the number of participants
•    Define and establish a programme to enable and support progression into employment 


Community Hub

•    Establish the The People Hive as a successful community facility


Fundraising, marketing and communications

•    Secure funding and sustainable income streams to secure the medium-term future of The People Hive
•    Build The People Hive’s reputation, and partnerships,  to enable our new range of activities.

In addition, we will ensure that our organisation operates efficiently, and remains responsive to the needs of our clients and to changes in the external environment.