Our Supported Living Projects

We currently run two supported living schemes for adults with learning disabilities. People in our supported living projects are encouraged to live independently.  They have support to gain, regain and retain their skills.


Our first Supported Living scheme was opened in 1996.  There are five people living there with a support tenant also on site for out of hours support when needed.

I’m Royston, I live in Teddington. I share my flat with my mate Alan and like talking to Alice and Paul (staff). I like living here a lot more than where I lived before.

I work at the Richmond Housing Partnership office twice a week and also at the Oxfam and the Barnado’s baby shop. I do this to get out and about and meet people. I go out two nights a week to my social clubs and help out staff including collecting money on the door.

I go to my neighbour Barrie’s flat in the evenings to talk, watch movies and play on his Wii. I also have a talk with Veronica my other neighbour every day. Every Sunday I go and visit my friend by bus.I go on holidays once or twice a year and help out at the Richmond Forum every couple of months.
— Royston


Our second project opened in 2006.  There are four people living there in single flats.  There is no support tenant on this site and the tenants require fewer support hours than those at Teddington.