November, 2016


The Challenges we face

In May, I reported a small surplus in the Accounts for our year ending 31st March 2016.  We maintain an agreed level of financial reserve and it is appropriate that we do not strive for a greater surplus; nor should we not work each year towards avoiding deficit.  Our aim, like most other charities, is to apply our revenue toward the greater good of the community we serve and, with that intent, to develop the role of RHLT.

We do, however, face the need to raise finance, particularly for our activities.  Susie Rowan is our very effective Opportunities Development Manager.  Her creative and innovative thinking is forever pushing the boundaries of the Charity’s work, but her role does require funding.

Our other funding requirements include obtaining commitment for the ‘high street hub’ concept, based around a drop-in, activity and information centre for our service users, with the wider community and carers.

Coupled with that is our need to bid for the re-tendering of our residential services, which the local authority informs us is imminent at the beginning of 2017.  This is a great opportunity for the families and friends of our residential service users to lend their support by commending our award-winning services.  In doing so, please remember that RHLT is a charity and all our revenue is directed to the greater good of our service users.  Not all those who are likely to be bidding will be charities; some will be looking to take a profit.  Placed at the heart of this challenge is the continuing happiness and stability of our residential service users.

Best wishes to all those at RHLT, staff, friends, carers, volunteers and, of course, our service users.

Peter Stockdale
Chairman of Trustees